What Men Want No 24: Women Who Aren’t Negative

What men want is a woman who isn’t negative. She can take a bit of criticism and will take it in her stride. A woman who defends herself isn’t weak. On the contrary, she is strong because she realizes that she can take the criticism instead of getting hurt by it. Think you’re too negative? Here’s how to make your man want you more by not defending yourself when someone tries to bully you.

There’s something that I realized a while back. It actually applies to both males and females. This is what I realized: those people who embrace their imperfections are perfect. Think about it. If you’re constantly obsessing over little things, trying to control everything at the same time, how do you think you appear to other people?

I’ve said over the course of these “What Men Want” tips that the only thing you can really control is how you respond to your external environment, right? Well, I’m going to add an extra attachment onto that statement. The one thing you can really control is how you respond to your external and internal environment.

You’re self-conscious about your weight, say. If you’re self-conscious about it, other people are going to notice it. If they notice that you’re unhappy about your weight, they’re more likely to view you as being someone of low self-esteem (even if you don’t intentionally try to come across that way). You’ve got to battle not only your own responses, but also how people respond.

Sure, without negative, there would be no positive, but for some people, they intentionally stay in the negative, even when the positive is easy to attain. Some people may reason that they’re being realistic or cynical, but you know that you’re being too negative when people around you are saying that you’re draining them emotionally.

They might be trying to help you, but no one who doesn’t want to be helped ever gets any, even if people offer it. Whenever I feel down, just try to think of all the other people that I care about who would be negatively impacted by my negativity. For me, it’s all an issue of trying not to be selfish.
It all starts inside your head. There is no negative, as long as no negative exists in your head. Realize that everything in the world is based on perception and that you control that perception. So basically, you can control the world!